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This case study showcases the successful social media marketing campaign implemented for HK BREEZY BOATS, one of Hong Kong’s premier party/event boat services. The objective was to generate high-value leads while maintaining a low cost per result (CPR) to maximize return on investment (ROI).


Adlooper Team Collaborating on Video Project

Campaign Overview:

The social media marketing campaign for HK BREEZY BOATS focused on leveraging various platforms to increase brand awareness, engage the target audience, and drive lead generation. The campaign utilized a combination of organic and paid strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieve the desired results.


Strategy and Execution:

  1. Audience Targeting: Thorough research was conducted to identify the target audience for HK BREEZY BOATS. This included demographics, interests, and preferences relevant to party/event boat services in Hong Kong.


  1. Compelling Content: Engaging and visually appealing content was created to captivate the audience. The content included high-quality images and videos showcasing the luxurious boat experiences and exciting events hosted by HK BREEZY BOATS.


  1. Social Media Platforms: A multi-platform approach was adopted, utilizing popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each platform was leveraged strategically based on its unique features and audience demographics.


  1. Paid Advertising: Paid social media advertising campaigns were implemented to amplify the reach of the content and target a wider audience. Advanced targeting options were utilized to ensure the ads were shown to users who were more likely to be interested in party/event boat services.


  1. Lead Generation: Various lead generation tactics were employed, such as offering exclusive promotions, discounts, and contests. Custom landing pages and lead capture forms were created to capture user information and convert them into potential customers.


  1. Monitoring and Optimization: The campaign performance was continuously monitored using analytics tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates. Based on the insights gained, optimizations were made to improve campaign effectiveness and achieve better ROI.

Results and Achievements:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: The social media campaign significantly enhanced the brand awareness of HK BREEZY BOATS among the target audience in Hong Kong. The captivating content and strategic advertising placements helped the brand gain visibility and recognition.


  1. Successful Lead Generation: The campaign generated a substantial number of high-value leads for HK BREEZY BOATS. The lead capture forms and promotional offers enticed users to provide their information and express interest in the services.


  1. Low Cost per Result (CPR): The campaign maintained a low CPR by optimizing the ad targeting and content strategy. This ensured efficient allocation of the marketing budget, maximizing the ROI for HK BREEZY BOATS.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

To enhance Striper Guides’ online visibility, we implemented search engine optimization strategies, including local SEO. By optimizing content, meta tags, and website structure, we aimed to improve their organic search rankings and increase their reach to potential clients. The website’s architecture and optimized content enabled search engines to crawl and index it effectively, leading to improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic.



Our collaboration with Striper Guides yielded significant positive outcomes. The newly developed website provided an intuitive and seamless experience for users, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. By implementing effective SEO techniques, the website’s visibility improved, allowing Striper Guides to attract more organic traffic and expand their customer base. As a result, Striper Guides established itself as a leading fishing guide service in Florida, offering exceptional experiences to fishing enthusiasts from around the world.


The social media marketing campaign implemented for HK BREEZY BOATS proved to be a resounding success. By combining compelling content, targeted advertising, and lead generation tactics, the campaign effectively generated high-value leads while keeping the CPR at its lowest rate. The increased brand awareness and successful lead generation contributed to the overall growth and profitability of HK BREEZY BOATS.


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